An ambitious & pioneering technology company

We Provide a number of value add services that could add value to you or your business.

Technology Consultancy

We fit technology into the needs you have for your project, or to facilitate your business or instiutional processes. We apply our experience to help you implement what works out best.

Web Development

We can help you develop an online presence. Our team can work on delivering on any project, We do crowdsourcing solutions, social media solutions, website development, campaign development and much more...

Systems Development

Developing systems that automate business processes, be they online or offline. We can help you develop a fully functional Intranet system.

Online Marketing

We allow you to use various channels to create online awareness - even helping you target specific countries in your campaigns.

Mobile Development

Talk to us if you need an application that runs on an Android, iPhone, or a regular Nokia phone. We also develop SMS based solutions.


Next gen alerts, polling, survey and engagement enabling platform, The SMS survey (EngageApp) platform will offer you the following features:

Functions: Sending bulk SMS, SMS Inbox, Contact Lists and Profiles, Categorizing SMS

Survey: Create a Survey, Create Survey Fields (Questions), Conditional Survey Fields, Send survey VIA SMS and view responses, View results for each Survey

Used By

ESP Platform

ESP platform is to allow organizations and NGOs to conduct various types of field surveys running on Tablets/Mobile Android devices using ESP Collect in an offline medium, then upload on ESP Server when an online hotspot is available.

    Ability to run various types of questions surveys: Text, Numerical, Multiple Selection, Geo-Tag Locations, Video, Audio, Photo,

    Logical based question based, Ability to export survey responses to CSV format, Supports Arabic encodings, Web-Based interface to manage the Surveys and view responses.

    Ability to run analytical reports: Locations based

Used By

Elmashrou3 TV Show

El Mashrou3 is Egypt’s first Reality TV competition for and about young entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

Technologies Used

html, css, javascript, laravel

Consumed Time and Material

1680 Coffe cups drinked
249 Meals eaten


Ummah provides relevant information on a visionary and informative platform that is inclusive and empowering to the Kenyan community.

Technologies Used

html, css, javascript, PHP, MYSQL

Consumed Time and Material

480 Coffe cups drinked
139 Meals eaten

BYD - Build Your Dreams

BYD car agency is the latest agency to which were added to the department of heavy equipment in commercial sapiens company next to Volvo cars, and through them we will give Yemeni consumer cars with high quality specifications and price fits all Yemeni society.

Technologies Used

html, css, javascript, PHP, MYSQL

Consumed Time and Material

980 Coffe cups drinked
213 Meals eaten

Meet the team

Youssef Jad

Code Riddler

Younis Jad

Front-end Magician

Rami Mohep

Code Hacker

Mohamed Altohamy

Android Lover

Yahia Hosney

Artist Angelo

Rabie Salem

Content Punisher

Aboutaleb Abdallah

Microsoft Geek

Mohammed Khaled

Marketing Guru

Mohammed ElNagar

iOS Artist

Noran Maher

CSS Makeup Artist


Front-End Mixer




About Kickstart

Here at KickStartInteractive, we have a highly experienced team of consultants and members of the staff that are able to provide a range of services at the highest possible quality that we can offer. We work to help our customers to assess and overcome any technology related hindrances or challenges that they may be facing with their business.

We offer a multitude of services that range from but not limited to Technology Consultancy, Web Development, Systems Development, Online Marketing Solutions and Web Development for the mobile platform.

If you wish to find out what we can offer you or your business, why not send us an email with your queries?

Careers & Jobs

We are always looking for the following talents:

- UX/UI Developer

- Web Designer

- Graphic Designer

- PHP Developer

- .NET Developer

If you think are you gifted and have what it takes to make the next project then please send us your CV and samples of your work:

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