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Break Your Programming Bad Habits

Every Programmer Has his Own Bad habits while coding , programming

it's hard to break them even harder if you didn't realize that what  you  doing is considered as a bad habit of programming  .

If you know but don't care will That's a problem . But you're here, aren't you ?

As a programmer, I've seen a lot of poor practices . I've been guilty of poor practicing many of these bad habits myself. Here are my list of bad programming habits , Lets know it and break it down .


1. Saying, “I’ll fix it later”              

The habit of postponing code fixes is not merely a problem of priorities. Organizing your issue tracker might generate some progress, but you also need to have a way of tracking smaller issues that come up. Adding “TODO” comments is a quick way of making sure you don’t miss anything.

You may Use a tool like "Trello" or Asana to track your own tasks and "Jira" or "Youtrack" to keep tracking of projects fixes and issues

2. Using names that don’t add information

Stop using x , y , z as a variables name or naming functions as domore , doless , remove 

Naming Variables , functions is hard, but there’s an easy way to make sure your variable and function names are at least of decent quality. So long as the names of add some kind of information that the rest of the code doesn’t convey, other developers will have an easier time reading your code.

3 -Making pointless optimizations

address optimizations at the end of a project , not in the begging of it or mid of it

long terms projects requirements will change by adding new features or subtract features that doesn't mean that you drop the optimizations and make useless code or query that eat your memory and make your request a living hell

4 - Blindly copy/pasting code

Understand code before you reuse it. Sometimes you don't immediately notice everything the code is doing on first glance. You will also learn more about a problem when you take the time to read the code in detail.

5 - Rabbit Trails

Solving a problem or fixing issue in your Ticket System is not That hard if you focus on it

but when it come to Rabbit Trails it's when you start jumping from the issue you are working on to something else like changing if statement to ternary one  or changing something already working to make it look more good at code level and from here you start chasing the rabbit for solving a problem , searching for answer and that lead to another answer with another problem so on , you will end up with no time and focus to fix the main issue so don't be like Alice and stop following Rabbit Trails


at the end a wise man Told  me once “Do What You Have To Do Not What You Love To Do”

Youssef Gad

Developments Lead - Kickstartinteractive